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Why support Filipino food producers?

Of course, it is a fact that not all food needed by the end-users can be produced locally. For example, some vegetables and fruits especially those required by institutional customers are not available all year round or cannot be supplied locally in the desired specifications or volume. Or maybe, some

Asian flat bread

There are several varieties of Asian flatbreads and very popular all over the world. These breads are very versatile and can be enjoyed in many different ways. Originally they were used as a food and "eating tool" at the same time, to wrap up other food items such as meats,

About mantou, buns and spring rolls

Both - Mantou and Spring rolls are two of these Chinese dishes that conquered the world and are hugely popular in all societies. They were adopted, twisted and “modified” in almost all cuisines and sparked endless creative recipes and variations. Now for this time - let's take a moment and

Why prefer local seafood

Philippine seafood With the Philippines’ 7,000+ islands, its surrounding seas are rich fishing grounds. While destructive forms of fishing and environmental pollution have adversely affected the seas’ productivity and future state, Philippine marine resources are still better off than other places in terms of diversity and availability of marine species.

Marketing Exclusive Brands

The rationale Brand is the bridge of trust between a product supplier and its customers. Through different touchpoints (like our products and marketing communications), we try to engage you - our customers. We try to reach out to you and build a relationship. Through this relationship, you would experience our