The rationale

Brand is the bridge of trust between a product supplier and its customers.

Through different touchpoints (like our products and marketing communications), we try to engage you – our customers. We try to reach out to you and build a relationship. Through this relationship, you would experience our brand and the various products it represents.

Out of this experience, you develop your own thoughts, beliefs, feelings, or attitudes toward our brand – your perception of our brand.

On the basis of this rationale, we at Ascona International, have decided to carry products with brands that are exclusive to us and that are worthy of your trust and continuous patronage.

The brands

Our house brand is “arlet”.

arlet brand symbolizes local excellence. It has evolved out of a passion to showcase and promote local products that have exceptional quality.

You will have a chance to personally experience the arlet brand of quality this January when we launch our initial seafood range which will include gourmet seafood mixes, squid fillet, octopus, scallops, abalone, nobashi, among other items.

These fresh-tasting seafood items can be prepared and served alone or as the main ingredients of your favorite seafood dishes. Watch out for these soon at your supermarket’s frozen food section.

Subsequently, more local products of excellent quality will be launched under the arlet label.

One internationally-known brand we decided to carry and promote in the Philippine market is “Kawan”.

Kawan product mix includes Asian flatbreads, puff pastries, specialty dough products, vegetarian products, samosa, spring rolls, oriental buns, mantou, glutinous rice balls, and halal food.

Surprise and delight yourself, your family and friends by serving these healthy and tasty food. You can find these in the frozen food section of your favorite supermarkets.

Why exclusive brands

We want you – our valued customers – to have a good perception of our brands.  

This is why we carefully select the brands we carry. We make sure we have the right brands and products for you.

With exclusive brands, we develop a focus on carrying only the best products for you.

We also cultivate long-term relationships with our production partners, in the same manner we nurture lasting relationships with our customers.

We want our customers to associate these brands only with the reputable image of our company.


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