arlet Brand

arlet” is one of the 2 house brands of ASCONA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION.

arlet” symbolizes LOCAL EXCELLENCE.

The inspiration of the Logo came from the “Arlet” Apple variety which has been developed in Switzerland.


Brand Story

The “arlet” Brand has evolved from ASCONA’s owners’ long-time desire to showcase and promote home-grown products that have exceptional quality.

There is a general perception that world-class Philippine products go direct almost 100% to the export market.  Therefore, many Filipinos have high regard for “export quality” Philippine products.

Our finest bananas, pineapples, mangoes, seafood, (to name a few) are exported and sold in the international market.  Buyers in foreign markets rave about the quality of these Philippine products.  Even Filipinos who come across these products abroad are surprised that the Philippines can produce such products imbued with LOCAL EXCELLENCE.

The arlet commitment

Note: The “arlet” and “Lago” Brands, its logos, logotypes, and other integral marks and symbols are the exclusive properties of Ascona International Corporation and are protected under the intellectual property laws of the Philippines.

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